Vitamin D3 5000 iu

  • PROVEN RESULTS AND LIMITLESS BENEFITS: Vitamin D3 is ideal for the European weather, as sunlight may not be in good supply. Our vitamin D3 is "Sunlight in a bottle" and will help you get through those arduous months.
  • Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a number of ailments such as softening of the bones and a weak immune system. 
  • HIGH-STRENGTH: It has been shown that an average man's body uses between 3,000 and 5,000 IU per day, so if you are not receiving enough natural sunlight then you may be vitamin D deficient. 
  • 1 YEARS SUPPLY: Each bottle contains 360 high dose vitamin D3 tablets. The tablets are quite small and are very easy to swallow.
  • Each tablet is free from artificial colours, flavours, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast and porcine.
  • Epsilon Life products are GMP Certified for potency and purity, manufactured and packaged in the United Kingdom. We are the highest rated vitamin supplement on Amazon in Europe.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: As we produce our tablets in the United Kingdom, we are 100% confident that our tablets are the best on the market. So we offer a "No questions asked, money back" 60-day guarantee.


This product is currently out of stock. Please check our new Vitamin D3 Ultra Absorption formula.

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